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WEST HILL Communication's Voice Services are designed to help you stay connected with the people you count on to make decisions and meet time-sensitive deadlines while you're on the road.

  • PCS
  • In-Building Coverage
  • Wireless Office


WEST HILL Communication's exclusive digital PCS phones operate on our national 1X network, the latest generation in wireless technology. And no other Canadian wireless company has greater digital wireless coverage - ours extends from Vancouver Island to St. John's, Newfoundland, offering all-digital service to more than 90% of the Canadian population. For more information see:

  • Business Pooling plans - Get maximum savings by pooling local, long distance or data rate plan dollars across your team each month
  • E-mail & Messaging solutions - Send, receive and reply to messages within Canada and to the U.S. Access corporate e-mail in real-time and send instant, text and picture messages to your colleagues across the country.
    • My Updates - Customize the information you want delivered to your phone at the times you like. Use My Updates to receive reminders of meetings and special events, daily stock quotes, news headlines and more, all on your schedule.
    • PCS Phones


WEST HILL Communications In-Building Coverage solutions maximize the digital wireless service inside your facilities. By extending coverage into previously inaccessible areas, voice and data communications are improved, resulting in direct increases to employee productivity. We offer a range of customized solutions to meet the needs of your business.


WEST HILL Communications Wireless Office service can increase your communications capabilities by allowing your wireless phone to adopt features and functions of your landline phone so you can be reached virtually anywhere.

Data Services


WEST HILL Communications offers its business clients a wide range of services and applications to suit their wireless business needs. From the oil field to the office and everywhere in-between, we've got the ideal wireless solution to make your business more efficient.


WEST HILL Communications devices and accessories offer a variety of tools for both the occasionally mobile worker and the completely office-free worker. From e-mail to corporate application access to machine-to-machine communication, we've got the right wireless devices and accessories for you and your business.


With WEST HILL Communication's data rate plans, you can get the wireless access you need at an affordable rate. We've got the right plan to suit your needs, no matter what application or device you are using.


Whether an occasional wireless user or an on-the-go mobile worker, WEST HILL Communications offers a variety of data devices, PCS phones and Mike handsets to suit your needs.

From simple voice usage to e-mail and corporate application access, we've got the right wireless devices and accessories for you and your business.

Integration Services


We specialize in SECURITY Equipment. Our products are of the highest quality and reliability and we are able to offer the most cost-effective solutions in the industry.


We offer a variety of options from DSL to high speed Fiber Optic Lines.

Innovative Hydrogen Solutions

Our system produces a safe, efficient and reliable stream of hydrogen on-demand which is unobtrusively fed into the air intake of a diesel combustion engine. Our system augments your engine’s fuel source with hydrogen which results in a more complete burn of the engine’s existing fuel source, which in turn gives you:

  • Better fuel efficiency or lower fuel consumption per unit of work (e.g. L/100km, MPG, GPM, etc.)
  • A better burn resulting in increased horsepower and torque
  • A cleaner burn resulting in significantly reduced pollution (e.g. CO2, NOX, PM, etc.)
  • Increased engine life and decreased engine and other pollution control maintenance as a result of far less residual hydrocarbons in the engine or in the exhaust